A Comprehensive Non-Resident Tax Guide for Foreigners in Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.

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Spain, a country renowned for its pleasant climate, captivating landscapes, and delectable Mediterranean cuisine, has become a top destination for foreigners. However, like every country, Spain has its tax obligations. This guide aims to shed light on the non-resident tax in Spain and other related tax obligations for foreigners, especially those residing in the beautiful Costa Blanca region.

IBI Tax and Non-Resident Tax Spain

Yes, non-residents in Spain who has assets in Spain, such as property, income from the rental of property, income from bank deposits when applicable, royalties from intellectual property, etc, have to pay Non Resident Tax.

 Many of them hay their own property in Spain and in this case they are required to pay two different taxes: council tax as well known as IBI Tax and Non resident tax, which is calculated on the income generated in Spain.

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Spanish Non-Resident Tax: Obligations:

To understand your tax obligations, it’s crucial to determine if a person is a tax resident or not. This classification is purely fiscal and doesn’t relate to any residence permit. You might be considered a tax resident if:

  • You live in Spain for more than 183 days annually, making you liable for tax in Spain for residents.
  • You have economic interests in Spain, meaning you work here either for a company or as a self-employed individual.

We are proud to offer you a fast and efficient service. As long as we have all the necessary documentation, we will process your non-resident tax in just one day. We want you to enjoy your property in Spain without tax worries.

About non-resident tax

Property Tax Spain Non-Resident: What You Need to Know

If you own property in the Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol region, you’ll be subject to property tax in Spain for non residents. This tax is in addition to the non resident income tax in Spain. For instance, if you reside in the UK but own property in Costa Blanca, you’ll be taxed on the income generated in case you rent out your property and in case you are the owner and a property is for your personal use, you will have to pay annual non-resident tax. In case you rent a property and you are residing in the EU, you can apport deductions for expenses, but for the the countries that don’t form EU, the deductions aren’t permissible for non-residents.

Inheritance Tax Spain Non-Residents and Other Obligations

Beyond the standard non-resident tax in Spain, foreigners might also be subject to inheritance tax in Spain for non-residents. This tax applies if you inherit assets or property in Spain. Additionally, if you sell property in Spain, you might be liable for capital gains tax in Spain for non-residents.

Form 210 Spain: A Crucial Document

Form 210 Spain is a vital document for non-residents. It’s the primary form used to declare income earned in Spain, including rental income from properties in regions like Costa Blanca.


We consider that is very important to understand tax obligations for non-residents, especially in regions like Costa Blanca. Whether it’s tax in Spain for foreigners, Spain income tax for foreigners, or understanding the intricacies of form 210 Spain tax, it’s crucial to have expert guidance. This way taxes will be paid on time and you will avoid extra chargers from the Tax office. Contact us at LegalAdvisorinSpain for personalized assistance to optimize your taxes in Spain.


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